Saturday, April 22, 2017

Dutch Toolchest

Toolchest with a drawer at the bottom and sloping door at the front/top.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Dutch Angle.

When a camera is tilted so the photo/video is at angle with the background.

Dubble Dutch.

Having sex while being protected by the use of both condom and the pill.

Double Dutch.

Gibberish, talking nonsense.

Childrens rope jumping game.

Dutch Uncle.

Not necessarily related but is someone who offers unwanted criticism and advise.

Dutch Auction.

An auction where the starting price is high and goes down. The first person to make an offer wins the bid.

Dutch Courage.

Sometimes called Irish courage. Drinking alcohol to gather courage to do something you fear.

Dutch Bargain.

A purchase made under the influence of considerable amount of alcohol.

Dutch Wife.

(Cheap) Japanese artificial sex partner of the female persuation.

Dutch Widow

A prostitute.

Dutch Treat

Inviting friends for dinner in a restaurant and insisting they pay for themselves.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Dutch Door

Is a door which is split in the centre and the top and the bottom open independently of each other. Although often the bottom cannot be opened without the top either being open or opened with the bottom.

Dutch Tub

Is a big hot tub heated by a fire built underneath big coiled metal pipe that is connected to the tub at 2 different heights. Since hot water rises this creates flow of water in the pipes where hot water exits the pipe into the tub close to the top and cold water flows from the bottom of the tub into the pipe where it is warmed by the fire.

Dutch Oven

Is not an oven, it's a heavy steel walled pot, often with ceramic coating.

It is also when you are in bed with your loved one, you fart under the covers and push their head there under so they are forced to smell it.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

In the Netherlands there is a website name that lists lot of opening hours, especially for supermarkets and stores. Very handy.