Tuesday, June 7, 2011

When leaving Iceland I took with me couple of packages of hot dogs (sausages). When I'm in Iceland I put Ketchup, Remoulade, Mustard, Onions and fried Onions in the hot dog bread with the sausage. So after I came to The Netherlands I started looking for those ingredients. Not recalling having seen it in The Netherlands I cheated and brought Remoulade from Iceland. Finding ketchup was easy, the Dutch like ketchup almost as much as they like their mayonnaise. They like mayonnaise on bread, with their fries and basically everywhere you can imagine, quite often with Garlic taste. First I went to the Dirk supermarket. I found Ketchup and Onions there. In Hooglivet I found hot dog bread. In Albert Hein I found Fried Onions, interestingly enough, in the Indonesian food isle. The only Mustard I've found is Dijon which I already had in my fridge.
So, how does it taste? Just like usual. Was it worth it? Sure.

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