Friday, November 4, 2011

The reason we keep having more and more unwanted features thrust upon us in all our tools; phones, computers, cars and other thingies, is that a stupid highly educated person in charge of some design team is desperately thinking about extra features, to add to their thingamingies, to make their product stand out. Since this is all done by design teams and no one wants to object, for fear of losing their jobs we, the customers, end up paying shi,, well loads of money for features we don't want or need. I'm sure that soon we end up with phones that don't make voice calls and the sheeps public will praise them for their good looks and high quality sound the sms message beep plays in. They have to praise them because they spent so much money on them that to actually critisize them would be admitting that they made a mistake by buying them. Hey, maybe that is why Apple has such a fanatic following.

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