Friday, May 13, 2011

I´m back from Switzerland where I left my heart in a street restaurant near the lake in Lugano. Sitting in a wonderful company under an umbrella in the rain. The weather was wonderful, it was really nice. If I'm nice person I might get a job there. Then I could maybe order Iceland from this menu. I have to learn Italian to fully understand it though. I think this is Salmon with some side-dish.

I´m trying to convince myself that it is a bad idea to move to this place. 25 degree heat and when it rains the rain is warm.

There isn't much land by the sea so they build the houses on the mountainsides. Taxis don't take credit-cards, only cash. I mean it´s Switzerland, the banking capital of the world. People drive to fast. There is no flat land. There are a lot of super-cars, Ferrari's, Porches and Maserati's... All stuck in traffic. Lot´s of traffic lights.

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