Sunday, May 1, 2011

Queensday went off without a hitch. The birthdaygirl did her official duties. Her subjects sold lot's of stuff on this taxfree day. Then they went and partied through the night. I went into Amsterdam and bought an orange hat. That is orange colored hat, not a hat made of oranges. I took couple of pictures, couple of hundred of pictures. I´m so glad for digital camera technology, it is much cheaper than the old film method. In fact I calculate that by now I have about 10 pictures for each dollar spent on the camera. Since 1 out of 100 is good, every good picture has only cost me about 10 dollars. Not everyone was wearing orange, but lot were.

This girl was playing the sax and she was pretty good for her age.

You see the most interesting things when you're lost.

People in Hoofddorp.Notice the large aluminum giant in the background. That's Gunnars ego.

This guy passed me and my bicycle, going uphill and as you can see, he is carrying luggage. 

People in Amsterdam.

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