Thursday, May 19, 2011

I've written many words about the differences between Reykjavík and Hoofddorp. Reykjavík has hills, and mountains in the distance. Hoofddorp is completely flat. I've recently been in Portugal, in Estoril, that is built on a mountainside by the sea and in Switzerland, in Lugano, that is built on a mountainside by a lake.
Of those places I feel safest, in traffic, in Hoofddorp, then Estoril, Lugano and Reykjavík. I feel safest, from being robbed, in Reykjavík, then Hoofddorp, Lugano and Estoril.
The weather was best in Lugano, then Estoril, Hoofddorp and worst in Reykjavík.
The place I´d most like to live in is Hoofddorp, Lugano, Reykjavík and Estoril.
As a interesting side note Casino Estoril is supposedly the inspiration for Ian Flemings Casino Royal.

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