Saturday, April 16, 2011

As good as the Dutch are in speaking English they are horrible in servicing people who don't speak Dutch. The banks as a rule don't have English information available. Restaurants don't have menus in English. Public transport don't have route descriptions in English. Products in supermarkets don't have English descriptions. I think The Netherlands are the worst country I've ever been in, in regard to written English.

Today I took the bicycle and went to Haarlem. In Haarlem I went to the market, bought a thin waffle and got calories for all my money. It was about 6 hour trip, I got lost twice and according to the speedometer cycled for just over 3 hours and traveled 39 Km. On the way back I stopped in Heemstede and spent an hour watching a RC car race at the MACH track. The trip was worthless in the sense that I didn't get what I went into Haarlem for, I even took a detour to Bloemingdaal to search for it, but it was still very nice just to be out in the warm weather, going to the market and watching the end of the race.

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