Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter in The Netherlands. It started differently than in Iceland because lots of stores were open on Friday and of course Saturday that is just a normal Saturday. And of course the Turkish stores were open all Easter. The Turks don't celebrate Easter and they're allowed to work here during Easter. In Iceland they're forced to close the shops. In Iceland the police will work really hard, even in overtime, to make sure that no one else works on Easter. But then it started to look similar with most stores closed on Saturday and Monday. After all it was really nice Easter, the warmest I can remember. My arms are still red after I was out in the sun on Friday and Saturday.

The Netherlanders like to go sailing on their dikes when the weather is nice.

The "big" windmill in Leiden. Judging by the smell it´s a popular pastime to sit by the dike on warm summer days and smoke hash.

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