Sunday, April 10, 2011

I went to Haarlem yesterday morning with Gregory, my coworker. He was looking for advice on what RC car to buy. On the way back I showed him and his kid the MACH RC track in Heemstede. They walked away from the track with light shining in their eyes.
I went "down" to Nieuw Vennep yesterday for pleasurable evening. There I saw for the first time the famous Dutch "shelf" toilet, the best way to describe it is to say that with this toilet you'll never get "splasback" but it takes more cleaning than normal shaped toilets.
I took lot of pictures of Nieuw Vennep that I will be publising here, I must have cycled close to 20 kilometers and my knees are killing me. I really like the place and I'm going to include it in future searches for apartment here. I'll hear from the financial adviser on Monday and he was going to recommend an honest real estate agent to me.

More pictures from the beginning of the week:
The clouds are always crisscrossed with jet trails .

And I found this house, with beautiful fountain, buried between tall buildings.

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