Saturday, April 23, 2011

I figured out what the word "puntenell" means. It means Point-N-L or ".nl" It should've been obvious. It's always the last word they say in the ads on the radio.

As I was reading, in National Geographic, about a bicycle/barge trip of The Netherlands the following quotes caught my eyes "Dutch town names appear to be randomly arranged letters you'd swear could never be turned into words." "Drivers of motor vehicles share the road with cyclists rather than viewing them as targets."
This was in a nice article by Boyd Madson about a group of friends who cycled 300 miles about The Netherlands (in celebration of one friends 60th birthday) while their wives took the barge and met them in the evenings.

Few pictures from the trip to the lake in the park here in Hoofddorp.
Some people enjoying the weather.

Scootergirls on their way to the lake.

A family of 4 riding by the lake.


  1. Oh my gosh, I feel so stupid... I'd been trying to figure out what the hell 'puntanell' meant such that I heard it so often so I finally googled it and came across your blog. Thanks!

    1. OMG me too. I just laughed at myself when I read the first sentence above.

  2. Don't feel stupid. It took me weeks, and a little help, to figure it out. :D

  3. been hearing it frm nederland streaming radio,and curious to know the meaning, and here i am

  4. That makes so much sense, can't believe we didn't get it! Thanks!

  5. me too. even asked a friend in Belgium but he didnt understand me when i said it and i couldnt spell it as I'd never seen it. they say it all the time on Sky radio and it really bugged me. I did actually if it was the above answer