Sunday, April 17, 2011

I was thinking about the ride yesterday and realized that it was shorter than a Marathon yet it took me almost half as long to cycle the distance than it takes a marathon runner to run it. I was not racing but this is still interesting fact. Maybe we should just start running wherever we want to go? I know that I, and lot of other people, could use the exercise.

The traffic in the streets, around the market yesterday is incredible. Reminds me of a million birds on a small lake. I realised why birds never fly into each other although drivers in cars often do. The birds are traveling at speed they can handle, they're watching where they're going and they're prepared for unexpected behaviour from other birds. No one has the right of the way and they're not limited to narrow lanes. The overengineered streets and highways are causing drivers to crash into each others cars. Not to mention that the cars have way more power than the driver can handle.

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