Thursday, April 14, 2011

Straight in front of the pretty girl on the scooter (few posts down) is a restaurant named Revan Pera. At first glance it seems to be the standard Kebab restaurant, with meat and chicken on vertical sticks. It wasn't until Luigi, one of my coworkers went into town to buy lunch for bunch of us and came back with something called Kapsalon (Maurice laughed and told me that this place where Luigi bought the Kapsalon was right next to my apartment) that I discovered this tasteful dish. To make a Kapsalon they take a container, put French Fries (Chips if you're British. Freedom fries, if you're shallow minded American. Fries if you're lazy) in the bottom, add the standard Kebab meat of your choice, chicken or beef, sprinkle cheese on top and put it in the oven. After few minutes they take it out, add vegetables and sauces and you get delicious meal for 5.50 Euros. Here you see some of the nice and friendly staff. I'll miss this place when I move from the apartment.

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