Sunday, April 24, 2011

In USA a mother allowed her 9 year old kid to take the subway home alone. She was called Americas worst mom. There are thousands of mom in USA that drug their kids, because they're active healthy kids that have trouble sitting still in boring classrooms while the boring teacher drones on about subject they don't like, usually in good weather. Not to mention the parents, moms and dads, that beat up their kids or subject them to mental torture by always talking down to and belittling them. This world we live in is so scared/frightened that otherwise intelligent and well meaning parents actually smother their kids and prevent them from growing up. Sure there are dangers in the world but they should not be hidden from the kids. The kids should be educated about the dangers of the world and then allowed to face them. Young trees bend and spring back from winds that break old trees. Kids, even down to 4 year old, are usually much more intelligent and independent than even the most adoring parents thinks.
In my opinion the mother that allows her 9 year old kid to take the subway home alone is much better parent than the mother who never spends time with her kids.

Few pictures from the park yesterday, showing kids and teenagers fooling around without hurting themselves.

Kid on a windsurfboard

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  1. I agree. I will never (and now that I have said it "outloud" on the internet, I can be held to it) smother my children and let them live in fear of the world.
    I will teach them to wittle and climb trees and play on the beach and near rivers. Teach them carefullness but not fearfullness.