Friday, April 8, 2011

This week has been very busy at work. And since I now know mostly what I'm doing, great fun. The weather has been really nice. All in all life is good.
When I started this blog I planned to talk about the differences between the Icelandic and the Dutch cultures. Now I don't seem to see so much difference. The Dutch are more relaxed than Icelanders. Few of my Dutch coworkers, like Johan, have gone out of their way to make my stay here more pleasant. He's getting married and will go on his honeymoon the week after next. My Italian coworker, Luigi, has also worked hard to allow me to fit into the group. I'm invited to his house tomorrow night for dinner along with few of my colleagues. Tomorrow morning I'm going with Gregory, one of my Brithish coworkers into next town. My French coworker, Sergei, loaned me his old bike so I wouldn't have to walk to work when I just arrived here. There are many others that I don't name that have also been very nice. Geert, Jos, Tom, Maurice, Marcel, Marian, Sibren, Craig and Michael just to name a few. I thank them all.

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