Wednesday, February 16, 2011

As you can see Icelandair has nice offer for me to visit Reykjavik for only 299 Euros including 3 nights at Hótel Ísland. Unfortunately this is only for half a room or per person in a 2 bed room. The real price for me, since I'm single, is 369 Euros. And if you're wondering, the picture, in the picture, is from the Blue Lagoon. This picture is from the Hoofddorp train station.

The Netherlanders are not terribly fond of outside air. I don't think I've ever seen an open window here unless someone was working on the window or painting inside.

And here is a picture of the view from my desk. The water is the end of an canal and there are fishes in it. A coworker has caught few, but although they're big and fat I wouldn't eat them.


  1. I shall comment in English, just in case some of your co-workers will read this :)

    Your view looks lovely and Reykjavík is gray and ugly and not exciting at all, so this offer should not interest you in the least!

    On the other hand... I could do with a vacation ;)

  2. You're always welcome do drop in for a visit. I have extra room here with double bed all made up and I have 2 sofas that can easily be slept in.