Monday, February 21, 2011

Most of my coworkers are really nice. Some are extremely nice, happy, polite and helpful. All in all good eggs (to quote P.G. Wodehouse :D). Few are bit more grumpy but help me anyway. Most go out of their way to make me feel welcome. Few have mentioned IceSave although some of them had accounts there. I need this helpful atmosphere because I hate being the new guy that doesn't know anything and the others always have to save me. I hate it so much that it'd begun to make me depressed. My boss came today and said to all my coworkers that he was going to send more small projects my way, if my coworkers had small projects they were to give them to me. If I needed help with any project and what they were doing was not highest priority, they were to stop what they were doing and help me. Beginning next week I'll be taking some courses that will hopefully help me tremendously.

I've found out that the cheapest supermarket, here in Hoofddorp, is Hoogvliet, the relatevly small supermarket I pass on my way to work and is only about 500 meters from there. The one where I buy the bread, cheese and other toppings for lunchtime. The other supermarkets, Dirk, that is in the shopping center (maybe should I call it village or market center across the street from my apartment) is slightly more expensive and Albert Heijn, 100 meters from Dirk is the most expensive but has the best bread. The price difference from the most expensive to the least expensive is maybe 10%. Even the most expensive foodstuff here is much cheaper than in Iceland.

I got my BSN (The Netherlands Social Security Number) today. Unfortunately it was too late for this months paycheck so I'll be getting a double paycheck in about a month. BSN can take up to 6 weeks to arrive, depending on where people are located, in some locations you'll get them the same day. Mine took one week.

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