Sunday, February 13, 2011

Yet another day in the town of Hoofddorp, population est. 60,000.
Yesterday I went to the supermarket to buy groceries. I wanted to buy some cream to use in a sauce I planed to make with a chicken recipe I have. So I went to the supermarket, into the cooler and looked at the shelves for cream. Well I saw milk, skimmed milk, skimmed milk with chocolate flavour, with vanilla flavour, with lemon flavour. I saw extra skimmed milk and I saw milk where the cows were (according to the print on the carton) only fed organically grown hay or corn or cabbage or whatever. What they could possibly feed them that is not organically grown I don't want to think about. I did not see any cream. After seeking advice from the teenaged employee "manning" the cooler he pointed to the lower left corner of one of the walls. There I found cartons containing whipping cream with vanilla, whipping cream with chocoloate, whipping cream with lemon, etcetera, but no cream for sauces. I later found out that the dutch word for cream is apperantly "Room" very similar to the Icelandic work "Rjomi" and it is sold in small bottles. I'll visit the supermarket again tomorrow.
I seem to fit into the Dutch society pretty well. At least when I'm standing in the checkout line everyone who speaks to me speaks in Dutch. I sat down in the Mall across the street and looked at all the people walking around and came to the conclusion that my clothes (black jeans, sweater and leather jacket) are very similar to what the normal Dutch people wear. The only thing I need to fully blend in is a scarf around my neck.

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