Sunday, February 20, 2011

One of the things that annoy me here in The Netherlands are the DVDs. Sure there are lot of movies available and at fairly fair prices too. There are even bargain bins with desirable titles, with 3 titles for 10 Euros or similar. But although they don't dub the movies here, like in some countries, there are nearly no DVDs available with English subtitles. 90% of the movies here have English spoken language and Netherlands subtitles. What I'd like to buy are movies with English spoken language and the choice between English and Netherlands in the subtitles. It would be even better if I could get the subtitles with all the Region 2 subtitle languages on the DVD, including Icelandic. It's not like the subtitles take up much space on the disks. No, this is some kind of conspiracy with the publishers. All the subtitles files are available at the publishers headquarters and it would be very easy, technically, to include them all on the DVD. Someone has made the decision to exclude all others subtitles for The Netherlands market, probably in an effort to increase profits by preventing DVDs from flowing between markets thereby screwing the customer. That kind of business practice is illegal in the EU but it seems that the publishers are getting away with it. What this means for me is that I'll continue buying most of my DVDs from Amazon.

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