Thursday, February 24, 2011 and were in Dutch again. Kind of annoying. It was correct after I logged in though. I wonder how it will be in the future when I'm starting to understand Dutch.

I was going to buy a bicycle since everyone living in The Netherlands is obliged to own one. The government even has a bicycleplan for people here. In that plan you'll buy a bicycle and take the receipt to your employer. He'll pay you back and then deduct the price from your paycheck in monthly payments, for up to 9 months I'm told. That may be dependant on your employer. The ingenious thing about this plan is that the monthly payments are taken from your salary before taxes, so in the end you get the bicycle at almost half price. The only condition is that you'll have to use the bicycle to go to work. You can buy another in the same way after three years which is a long time if your bicycle has been stolen after one or two months. But if you spend more on the locks than the bike then you'll most likely be able to keep the bicycle for three years. 

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