Saturday, February 26, 2011

Yet another gorgeous day has dawned. With fog and rain. The day might be gorgeous somewhere else but here it's kind of gray and wet. Since it's a Saturday lots of people are shopping and walking about, not nearly as many as when the weather is good but a lot nonetheless. I was going to take a walk to the RC track that is nearby, but changed my mind because of the weather. This seems to be typical spring weather here in Hoofddorp.

I'm getting kind of settled in here. I know now where to go for most things. I starting to know my way around the supermarkets. I'm starting to know what to buy.
When I went shopping I saw frozen pizza in the supermarket that was nearly as expensive as the frozen supermarket pizzas in Iceland. I bought one and cooked it. It was nearly twice as thick as the pizzas back home so I guess I could say it was half the price.

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