Sunday, February 27, 2011

It struck me as I was shopping yesterday how over processed all the food is here. And you can't get "standard" food anywhere.
If I want milk I can get half skimmed milk, I can get thick milk, I can get vanilla milk, I can get chocolate milk, I can get strawberry milk but regular milk is not so common. Same with cream, all kinds of tastes and versions except for standard cream. You can even buy cream in a pressurized container. I don't think there is much cream in the container but it's perfect topping for the baked-in-store-Apple-cake (with pieces of real apples in it) I've acquired a taste for. :)
Meat is not quite so bad if you buy the cuts, just avoid the ground beef, you don't know what's in it. I tried ground beef and I don't think there was much beef in it. Burgers are especially bad. Chicken breasts are ok but when I cook them they shrink a LOT. If I put them in a lightly oiled pan and put a lid over it, soon there is enough water in the pan to sink a ship.
Potatoes or "earth apples", as they're known here, are available somewhat fresh in a shadowy corner in the supermarket but they're actually more expensive than the cooked, spiced and sliced  potatoes you can buy neatly packaged for heating and consuming. That makes me scratch my head.
Vegetables and fruits are about the only things you can buy here unprocessed. They're fresh and good. I wonder why I've not become a vegetarian. Onions are about the only thing from the fruit and vegetable section you can buy processed. You can buy onions that have been cut for you, either into onion rings or sliced into little bits.
The milk will stay fresh in the refrigerator for up to 3 weeks. The bread will not mold for more than a week, when I throw the rest away. The cream in a can will stay fresh for half a year in the can. I confess that I'm not specialist on food preservation but I don't believe that this is done without adding some chemicals to the raw product.

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