Wednesday, March 2, 2011

According to some neighbour of mine, he's all out of love, so lost without you and doesn't know what he's supposed to do without you either. At least that's the gist of the song he's playing at full volume. People are the same everywhere but in this "tiny little village", I live in, I don't hear much of this kind of expression. By expression, I'm talking about people playing songs loudly. This village, as I've been repeatedly warned and although HoofdDorp directly translated to English is HeadVillage, is distinctly low profile kind of town where people stay at home during the evenings.

The days are getting longer here. As it was still daylight as I was walking home I took the beautiful way and walked some of the paths I'd not walked before. What I noticed this time was that the pavement slabs on the sidewalks are terribly uneven and often covered with sand and/or clay and every 20 meters or so there are few loose ones. I also saw this nice little house for sale that I need to check closer at a later date.

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