Saturday, March 19, 2011

Reykjavik-Hoofddorp is now Hoofddorp-Reykjavik.
Taxis. In The Netherlands the taxis are usually a couple of years old Mercedes sedan. The driver sometimes speak English and they often like to take the beautiful way. To combat that I've confined my taxi travels to one company, Verkuyl. My employer has charge account with them. They are (the taxi driver informed me of this on the way to the airport this morning) a business taxi company. A small company with only 40 drivers and they prefer to serve business men. Verkuyl does not charge too much, they do not take the interesting route, unless you ask for it. You can call them and they come and pick you up. Their cars are clean and the drivers polite and nice.

Edit. May 2014. Verkuyls quality of service has dropped steadily since I wrote this so I don't use them much anymore. Sometimes I use Marcus, another local company, but mostly I use the buses and trains these days.

When I landed in Iceland I took a taxi to the hotel. It (car nr. 115 from taxi company BBS) was a VW bus, it looked like it was from before the crash, it was dirty and there were pieces missing from the interior. But the driver was quiet and took the short route. Then I took another taxi to my mothers house (car nr. 30 from Hreyfill). That was nearly brand new Mercedes sedan, cleaner than I am after long shower and the driver was really nice. I took his business card (Eiríkur +354 8923440) and I'm going to call him the day before I leave, so he can drive me to the airport.

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