Saturday, March 26, 2011

One should never go home. When one has moved, he has no home anymore. I spent the morning working, most of the day unpacking the crates I had packed for The Netherlands and the evening visiting an old friend. I'm trying to decide what to take back with me.
The last few months I've been living sparingly. About the only thing I've bought apart from books (and the bicycle) is food. Now every fiber in my body is crying out to me to buy stuff. I've most likely been paid by now and I'd like to buy the nice Canon 550 camera on offer in Schiphol airport. I'd like to buy the JBL Ipod dock with alarm clock. I'd like to buy the apartment I've been looking at. Then again I'd like to be allowed on board the plane without paying arm and a leg for overweight suitcases.

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