Monday, March 14, 2011

The Dutch name for Thursday (Day of Thor (god of thunder)) is Donderdag (Day of Thunder). On Mondays (Day of the Moon, maandag) most restaurants and many shops are closed. Most trains and buses stop running/driving around midnight, the first buses start again at around seven. The bar at De Beurs closes at one o'clock on Friday (Day of Freya) evening. Super Fly, the "coffeshop" next to De Beurs, that sells hash and is second home to some ladies of negotiable affection is open somewhat longer.

The window cleaning last weekend earned me unexpected points from my neighbour. :)
I've decided to buy this Batavus Mambo bicycle on sale at the friendly neighbourhood bicycle shop. Until I change my mind. Bicycles are the main method of transportation in The Netherlands. I've seen bicycles with child-seats for 2 kids, one in front of the rider and other in the back. I've seen cargo bicycles with 2 child-seats in the "cargo area" and a clear cover to keep the rain out. I've seen bicycles with baskets big enough for couple of cases of bottled beer. I've seen (lot) of bicycles with locks that cost more than the bike they're used on. When the Dutch carry a passenger on their bike the passenger usually sits side-saddle so it's easier for him to see where they're going. The owner of the bike is almost always the one that pedals so it's not uncommon to see women pedalling, sometimes in high heels, and guys sitting in the back. No one uses helmets and there seem to be nearly no bicycle related accidents.


  1. Nennirðu að taka myndir af öllum hjólunum þegar þú kemur aftur til Hollands?
    Ég er mjög spennt að sjá hvernig þeir leysa þetta tveggja barna vandamál :)

  2. Hérna er gott dæmi um lausn Hollendinga á tveggja barna "vandamálinu".
    Ég skal reyna að finna nokkur hjól, til að taka mynd af, þegar ég kem aftur til Hollands.