Saturday, March 12, 2011

I was cleaning the windows in the apartment. It makes me feel so proud, and so Dutch. And it has the added benefit that now I can see out the windows. The windows go all the way to the ceiling so I needed a chair to reach the top. That's when I noticed that there is no regular chair in the apartment. There are bar-stools, sofas and balcony-chairs but no regular height chairs. The only thing I found to stand on was a footrest from one of the sofas.
The weather was really good today so I took the bicycle and cycled to Haarlem to look at the Model Auto Cluc Haarlem Radio Control Racing Track in person. There were about 10 people practicing there. 2 with electric cars, the rest with nitro. The electric cars have become faster than the nitro cars. The limiting factor for speed today seems to be grip. The MACH track is a simple track, very fast with long back-straight that ends in a U turn and couple of corners which make the only tricky part of the circuit. The asphalt is very fine and high grip. I'm definately going to bring my RC car with me, when I come back from Iceland. I'll go for a visit in a week.
After the trip to Haarlem I visited a bicycle shop and I think I've found a bike to buy. This is a Bavarius 8 speed bike for 800 Euros but I get 20% off if I buy now. 
I think I remember correctly that tradionally, in Iceland, doors always open into a room and towards the nearest wall. Living rooms never have doors. Here in The Netherlands it seems to be traditon that doors open into all bedrooms and into the living room that usually has doors. Toilet, bathroom, storage and other rooms open out.

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