Wednesday, March 9, 2011

There is a saying that "The devil is in the details". And it is in the details that all the difficult and the strange things lie, when you move from one country to another.

Everywhere I go there are obstacles because I don't understand much of Dutch yet. In the supermarket, in the bank, in the restaurant. In the restaurants, even in the English menus, the description or the name of the course is meant for someone who knows the name of all the spices and meats here. I bought minced meat in the supermarket few days ago. When I used Google Translate to translate the label into English the result was "mostly meat". I was wondering if it was pork, lamb or beef. I guess I find out when I cook it. I know it's not chicken, chicken is Kip. I also know its not any kind of fish.
Many sinks here have only one tap. In other words, when washing your hands after going to the toilet you often have only two options, cold water or dirty hands. Good thing I don't care if the water is cold. 
I've borrowed a bicycle to go on to work. It had no air in its tires when I got it. After pumping up the tires I found out that other thing it doesn't have is brakes. It hasn't got any lights either so I'd be illegal if I rode on it after dark. It doesn't have any gears either and the gearing is tall so starting is often slow. When I buy a bicycle it'll have gears.

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