Monday, March 7, 2011

Sergei, one of my coworkers, has offered to loan me his old bike. He is a good guy and feels sorry for me when he drives past me walking, every morning, on his way to work. This is a traditional Dutch bike, often called granny bikes and it probably belonged to his grandmother. It's been standing outside (in a shed) for more than a year so it needs a little tender care, some cleaning, some adjustments, some oil and as a priority, some air in it's tires. The condition of the tires is such that I'm a bit afraid to put air into them. There are lots of crack in the rubber. But I'll pump them up tomorrow at lunchtime, little at a time. Checking frequently if looks like they're about to explode.
Brian, another coworker, has offered to sell me his apartment. It's a nice, bright and roomy apartment by the sea, on the eight floor so it's above sea level. I can even get his wife's car with it (they're moving to Germany) but he's keeping his tuned sport car. The apartment has two reserved parking spaces. It's right next to a racetrack where there are track-days for bikes or cars. The only problem is that it's priced at 230 thousand Euros which is a bit more than I've been planning for. But it's really nice apartment and the view is incredible.
I don't remember if I've mentioned that there is 6% tax that buyers have to pay when they buy apartment. Plus 2% for the service of real estate agents. Then there is 2-3% in other associated costs. Even knowing this I found it surprising that some banks loan 112% of the purchase price of an apartment or house.

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