Sunday, March 6, 2011

What a nice weather we're having here today. The sun is shining and there is little wind. The temperature might go into two digits and I might go out on the balcony for the first time since I moved into the company apartment.
I noticed yesterday, on my way out, that I can see "The Skislope in Hoofddorp" from my front doors. The really nice Japanese restaurant, where the cooks cook in front you, is right next to it so I now know almost exactly where the Japanese restaurant is from my apartment. There is another Japanese restaurant almost straight across the street from my apartment building. I've tried to go there, but I was at six thirty and their next open table was at nine (I understand it is a really, really good restaurant). So I went to the Jasmin, another nice place just few steps from my apartment. I can count at least five good restaurants within one hundred meters and ten within two hundred meters. There are at least ten more that are more of a fast food restaurants, Pizza and/or Kebab.
I've located an apartment that I'm interested in. 75 m2, for 175.000 Euros. According to the pictures on (the largest real estate web-page in The Netherlands) it is ugly, and it is too expensive for me, unless the 30% ruling comes through. I'm not kidding, it is really ugly, the colors, the doors, the tiles in the bathroom, the shower in the bathroom, the toilet in the bathroom, the kitchen cabinets, the kitchen sink gas heater, the carpet. But it is close to work, has extra bedroom for guests, is not too small, is not too big, it has nice view over a canal (so I'll get plenty of mosquitoes in the summer), and it has a small garage. It is on the Harleem side of Hoofddorp so the MACH RC track is not too far away. Maybe, if I'm lucky, I can get the price down by fifteen or twenty thousand Euros. The downside is that there are no good restaurants next door.

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