Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I went and bought the bicycle. I guess that makes me officially 1/4th Dutch. I need Cloggies (wooden shoes), tulips on my balcony (where I'm writing this on my laptop) and to learn the language (1/4th for each).
As I said I'm writing this on my balcony, after lovely meal, courtesy of the turkish family restaurant in the building. Like usual the old turk took the cash and put it in his pocket without punching anything in the register. There is also a jewish restaurant in the building. I must go there soon to try it out. I'm pretty tired after long day at work so I sit here watching the sun set over the old church by the roundabout. There are literally dozens of jet-trails in the air. Light wind, the temperature has dropped down to 12-15° so I'm going inside soon. I understand it is freezing in Reykjavík and everything is covered in snow.

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