Friday, March 11, 2011

An earthquake hit Japan this morning, followed by a tsunami who continues to cause destruction to coastal areas around the world. My most sincere sympathies to all those who've lost loved ones in this tragedy. I selfishly hope those few people I know in Japan are safe and for everyone that things will return to normal as soon as possible after this disaster.

In other news. Today was yet another sunny day in the Head Village (Hoofddorp). The last I heard from Iceland is that everything is covered in snow and the wind is in unusual hurry. A gourmet meal is warming up in the microwave. The weather forecast is good for the weekend. I'm definitely going to take the bike and travel around a bit, maybe to the MACH RC track. On my way home from work today I went sightseeing and looked at a building where there are couple of apartments I'm interested in purchasing. Pretty nice.
I'd like to call home to Iceland, but no-one is on Skype. I wonder if old fashioned telephone still works? And I wonder if I remember how it works and if I can remember or find a phone-number to call.

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